Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unmounting Stamps

This week's Tuesday Tutorial demonstrates how to unmount traditional wood-mounted rubber stamps. A few years back I was face with having to fit all my crafting supplies into a smaller spot or sell them. I decided to unmount them. I used EZ Mount which adds a foam layer but you can also use a foam base layer when you stamp if you opt to use the Ailene's Tack-It-Over method as shown in the tutorial. For storage I use the thick storage boards that are 3 hole punched for storage in binders. I prefer to have my stamps organized by themes but I did keep a careful record of what the sets are named and what each one contains.
For anyone wondering how much space you would save these pictures show my entire red rubber stamp collection. Each plastic box (from the Container Store) measures 10" x 15" x 5.5" high and together they're holding 170 StampinUp stamps sets as well as numerous other individual stamps.

I did my unmounting over the course of a couple months, and it did take a lot of time and effort but in the end was well worth it as I was able to keep my collection intact.

Happy Crafting Everyone!


Carol L said...

Oh My Goodness, I know this took some time to organize, but what a space saver! So far I'm just not motivated to go in that direction but then I don't own that many stamp sets............YET! LOL

Julie said...

I am almost at my wit's end over storage space so I think it is time to start doing this with my wood mounts as well. I stopped buying wood mounted stamps last year but I still have several years worth of well-loved ones that I don't want to part with. Thanks for the inspiration picture - just those two containers! Awesome!

helloholley said...

Oh,WOW!!hey,Paula....can you come do mine too,LOL!!!
This is great!!!!;)

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