Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Thousand Cards

Another shipment went out on August 18th. This time out to Sandy in WA. This group broke the 1000 mark for me (I've made 1065 to be exact!). Fifty of the cards in this shipment were "Any Hero" cards, which included a handwritten note of thanks. These get included with the the other cards or go to fill special requests...given to a hero who is maybe short on mail from home or who maybe could use a little morale boost. Sitting down to write these cards really makes you pause to consider the enormity of the sacrifices these heroes make for us day in and day out. When you find yourself in a complaining mood I suggest you try writing a thank you note...it's the fastest remedy I have ever experienced!

Besides card making there has been lots of other stuff happening too. Dave Pierce at RIS Paper was able to get us a donation of more cardstock, this time from Wausau and 10,000 envelopes from National Envelope which will be a HUGE boost to our holiday card making I am sure. I am still working on getting the paper cut down to 8.5 x11 and getting it home, and then hopefully filling some more requests and mailing it out to my fellow card markers. Here are some pics from the last group... I am off... to make more cards of course!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Paula, bunches of these are already winging their way overseas...THANK you for making that box possible, I don't know what I'd have done without your help!!!!!

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