Sunday, September 23, 2012

SRM Week - Stickers

I don't use stickers often but must admit that since  winning some SRM Stickers in an OWH give away earlier this year I've decided that these are not your 'average' stickers and are ideal for card making.

In this card the sentiment, cupcake and flag border
are all SRM stickers.

In this card I just paired a SRM sentiment stamp with some fun
 retro video-game themed paper.

In this card the sentiment and the curly red border are SRM stickers
and  the paper is from a Disney themes set.

The sentiments made by SRM are totally worth having in your stash even if you don't use stickers on a regular basis in your card making. They make it fast and simple to add a sentiment and can save you from having to get all 'inky'.

Happy Crafting Everyone!


Lee Mae said...

Hi Paula! I've been seeing your cards on S&S and Facebook and loving every one of them. My modem has been acting up, so my internet use has been pretty limited. Just had to say that you are really making some dynamite cards! I love the bright, happy colors and bold graphics - my type of cards!

Jen said...

Great cards, paula! I may have to give these stickers a try... you guys keep making such amazing cards with them!

Carol L said...

You may have changed my mind about using stickers with these great cards today! I especially love the last one with those fun borders and brackets!

EydieG said...

I haven't heard of these stickers before, but they look great. I love the way your cards turned out!

Stay True To God said...

Love that bright *birthday* card... sooooo CUTE!! :) ~Tracy

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