Saturday, February 23, 2013

MWT State Flag Challenge

In the flurry of all the recent VCMP activity I am just now getting to the MWT Challenge from last week but it was so interesting to me that I didn't want to skip it. The challenge was to use the colors in your state flag. I decided that  I would create a card that was based on the Connecticut State flag that I could use as an Any Hero note. I even learned a lot of things I never knew about the flag including the reasoning behind the grape vines that are part of the design.


Connecticut became the 5th colony to ratify the United States Constitution on January 9, 1788. On May 29, 1895, over 100 years after Connecticut had become one of the thirteen original colonies, the first proposal was made for a state flag to the Connecticut General Assembly.

Symbolic elements of the flag are the three grape vines, white oak leaves and acorns, and the Connecticut state motto. Perhaps the most prominent feature are the three grape vines positioned in the center of the shield. Historically, these grape vines were passed down from a seal brought from England by Colonel George Fenwick in 1639. Colonel Fenwick’s seal served as the seal of the Saybrook Colony and was passed on for the use of the Connecticut Colony around 1644. It is thought by some that the number of grape vines represents three colonies, New Haven, Saybrook and Connecticut (Hartford), which merged as “Connecticut” by 1665. Grapes are symbolic of good luck, felicity and peace — evidence of God’s kindness and the goodness of providence. Vines represent strong and lasting friendships.

The white oak leaves and acorns, symbolic of faith and endurance, age and strength, were not present on the Fenwick seal but the oak does occur another time in Connecticut’s colonial history in the story of the Charter Oak that was made the official state tree in 1947.

I'm going to print out this brief history and include it in the left inside panel of the card. Since the Any Hero notes I write are short I'll still have plenty of room to tell them about the design of the card and to extend my thanks for their service.

Happy Crafting!

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Cindy E. Burton said...

I'm so glad to see Connecticut represented since I spent so much of my formative years in West Haven AND graduated high school from there. Love the history lesson and your card is just lovely...

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