Saturday, February 22, 2014

Retro Birthday - Fancy Pants & Crate Paper

Hello Friends! I hope that you're all doing well and if you're among the many who have had enough snow for one winter... well I am WITH you! Winter always saps me of energy and motivation so I am truly looking forward to Spring.

Last Spring as you may recall I was chosen to participate in the PaperCrafts gallery Idol competition (what a blast it was!) and I got a nice prize package of  'goodies' as a result which I finally dug on into. I'm not one who normally buys a 'co-ordinated set' of stuff often but I have to admit it makes it easy to create designs that look cohesive and go together pretty quickly.

This card uses pieces from Crate Paper's 'Party Day' collection and 'Trendsetters' by Fancy Pants. So many fun elements to play around with, no stamping at all (even the sentiment is a sticker)  and the only ink I used was a bit of brown to ink the edges of the cardboard button.

While I know collecting supplies is as much fun as actually crafting for many of us (myself included) sets like the ones I received, whether designed for scrapbooking or specifically cardmaking are a great idea for anyone who wants to try their hand at cardmaking without having to make any major investment. It also occurred to me they'd also be an easy way to craft while traveling... a couple of coordinated sets some card bases and and adhesive and you'd be good to go (pun intended :)

Happy Crafting!


Marsha said...

What a great card you made. Love it. Yes, so fun when you have craft supplies that all go together, but you really have an eye for putting all the right pieces together. Always enjoy seeing your work.

Cindy O said...

I like this - nice colors and patterns. Fun to see what you did with your set of goodies.

Pammy J. said...

The boot print die is bigger than I thought it would be. Thanks for making all of these wonderful creations!

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