Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Liebster Award

Hello friends! My post today is a bit different as I don't have a card to share with you. My crafty, kind and very talented friend Penny over at has awarded me the Liebster award. 

The award, which you may have seen on the internet, is about getting to know new crafty friends, seeing new blogs and and basically spreading insipiration. If you want to know more about the Liebster you can find a detailed history here.

Part of the process is to answer a few questions about yourself, then to select a few blogs that inspire you and share the award…paying it forward. Here are my answers...

1. Tell me your favorite three supplies you use most?
The supplies I am most drawn to are dies (the ones from My Favorite Things got me hooked but there are so many great die-stamp combo sets that many companies are offering now), paper (of course) and embellishments like brads and ribbon.

2. How long have you been making cards?I've crafted on and off for many years but started making cards regularly (and blogging about it) back in 2008. I have a more detailed explaination on exactly how it happened here.

3. What do you do with all the cards you make?Though I will occassionaly make a card for my own use the vast majority of the cards I've made have been for Operation Write Home. To date I'm proud to say I've made over 12,000 cards for OWH.

4. What is your favorite technique to use when making cards?
I like embossing (with folders), coloring and stamping a lot. It just depends on my mood so it's hard to narrow down to just one technique.

5. What are your favorite color combo's to use?
As many of my OWH friends know, my personal favorite color combo is red, white and blue but I like using all colors and choosing a palette based on the card theme and intended recipient is my basic approach.

6. How long and what inspired you to start blogging?
I started blooging in 2008 when I first became involved with Operation Write Home (actually it was called Cards for Heroes back then) and started to come into contact with a great big group of crafters many of who were sharing their creations on blogs.

7. How does your family handle your craftiness? Do they approve?
I'm not sure that my family (which since 

I'm single without children — would be my sisters, brother and mom) even give it a second thought. Because I've been involved in art since I was a child I think they accept it as just a part of who I am. I think they'd be more worried if they saw me give up all things arts & crafts.

Now I know the whole idea of this award is to share it… but since I've not spent a lot of time visiting blogs (or even blogging) lately I'm going to defer passing it on for now until I've had a chance to really give it some thought. I do want to acknowledge and thank Penny for giving it to me and to also say that it would be impossible to say how much I have gained, in both pleasure and knowledge by my involvement with Operation Write Home and the online crafty world in general. I'm certain that I could spend all day, every day for the rest of my life doing nothing but perusing crafty blogs, creating and sharing with all of you. Now I just need to figure out how to pick some winning lottery numbers so I can do just that!

Happy Crafting!


Penny Ward said...

OMG...all those cards you have made for ARE a Superstar! So glad you enjoyed my nomination. Many hugs my friend!!! Penny

Debbie Caldwell said...

You deserve it for sure. Yours is one of the blogs I regularly visit, you inspire me and have such great talent to share. Congratulations Paula.

Jen M said...

Congrats! 12k cards is amazing! Way to go, Paula!

Anne S said...

You go girl! Well deserved Paula and I am blown away by your card total. Thank you for your sharing spirit - you always inspire me to make better cards for our troops. Congrats!!

Trish said...

Congrats Paula! I loved reading about you and so appreciate your contributions to OWH- amazing!

Lee Mae said...

Hi Paula, so glad to see you honored and to read about you and your involvement with OWH. I look forward to seeing your cards even if circumstances have temporarily caused a slow down. Wishing you the best!

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