Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Birthdays

Hello Friends! It's Mid-February and I am glad to report that I've managed to keep up with my goal of sending birthday cards to everyone in my card makers group. Of course the fine print in this (there's always fine print right?) is that really only amounts to 5 cards so far. LOL

Since many of the group members are new friends most of the card designs don't have a specific connection to them personally (though I have been trying to make notes about favorite colors and themes when they come up in the daily FB posts). This is a card I sent to Joanne G. for her February 1st birthday. 

The image is from an old, retired Stampin Up set. Funnily enough I have a lot of stamps and yet I often find myself grabbing for the same few sets. Is it just me? I guess they're like a worn pair of jeans...comfortable, so using them comes naturally and making a card using them doesn't result in any major struggle. Maybe I need to declare some of them 'off-limits' for awhile and force myself to mix things up.

Happy Crafting!


Linda said...

I love the french country feel to this card. I vote to use what you want unless you feel you need a challenge.

KathyA. said...

I agree with Linda. Why quit something that is working so well for you? (And, I am the same. Have some stamps/sets that I haven't even used yet... and I just "had to have them" months, or even years, ago!)

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