Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bluebird of Spring

Hello Friends! I think it's safe to say that winter is finally behind us in the Northeast and I for one am very grateful. Spring is always a time of great renewal and I'm hopeful that I'll be able to start finding some more time to create (and post) regularly instead of in the fits-and-spurts that have so far been the case this year.

My card share today is a card I made for my stash which I've begun to accumulate so that I'll be able to send cards to my fellow Seognsook's Card Makers. This one was sent to Pam T. for her birthday.

This is a digi I have had in my collection for a long time and I'm not certain where it came from but I always manage to make a few cards with it every Spring. I love that it's so versatile — I'm not a birder (forgive me for any of you who are) so in my estimation I think you can make this bird just about any color combo and the flowers can be matched to any accent color you want too. 

The sentiment is an older one from StampinUp and the die set is one that comes with the Lifestyle Crafts Genius Magnetic Platform made by WeR, which I got for Christmas this year. I haven't been crafting enough to say for sure if this is a 'must have' but so far I like it. It always takes some getting used to, when you have done something one way for a long time, to get the hang of something new but I have a lot of dies and tend to use them a lot so I thought this might be easier. Do you own it and do you love it? I'll keep you posted as I use it more.

Until next time... Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

Leslie Hanna said...

Nice coloring. And you can make that bird any color you want ... it's ART! :)

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