Friday, May 22, 2015

OWH Finishing Strong & Staying Connected

Hello Friends,

As many of you already know on May 12, 2015 Operation Write Home announced that it's entering into it's final phase as an organization and will accept card donations until August 1st as part of it's Finishing Strong Campaign.

I know there are many who are experiencing this as a bittersweet event, thrilled that the mission has been accomplished and that so many of our heroes have returned home, yet a bit melancholy at the thought of losing friends and connections that they've made over the years through OWH.

I too have 'met' so many wonderful people since I first became connected to OWH in 2008 and hope that I'll be able to stay connected. I'm hoping I can find a way to host and occasional online chat for OWH Alums though I have not worked out a specific date/plan yet but do know that in order to control access it would have to be done 'by invitation'. There is no cost and no requirement to be invited. Everyone is welcome.

I'll post details in the new Facebook Group Sandy has set up so be sure to check it out and join the group or email me directly if you are not on FB and would like to be included.

You can also contact me by Email by clicking on the small black envelope icon under my photo.

I hope that no matter what... you Keep Crafting!

1 comment:

Valerie Doyle said...

Would love an invite, but do not have a blog URL to complete the form.

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