Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OWH is a Finalist!!

I am excited to report that OWH has been chosen as one of the 3 "Finalist" charities for the JoAnn's Crafting for a Cause Contest. I am so grateful that enough of my fellow OWH card makers took time to enter to get us to this point. The next step is spreading the word and getting friends, family and coworkers to vote for OWH so we can win the big 50K prize. The voting has begun and will go on until December 4th. There are some rules about voting: First, they are basing it on IP addresses so its basically boils down to one vote per household. (Having your hubby vote each day from his office however (a different IP address) is allowable. Also note that you can only vote ONCE in any 24 hour period, so if you intend to vote every day, voting at approximately the same time each day will simplify the process for you. I certainly want to see OWH win and by far the best way for us to make it to the top it to spread the word and  I hope you will.

Happy Crafting Everyone!


1 comment:

Tammy said...

Hi Paula! Thank you for stopping by my blog..I truly appreciate it! I love the idea of our hubby's to vote from their office computers! Very smart!

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