Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanksgivng Already?

Making cards for OWH is a lot like working in retail because you need to prepare well in advance you are perpetually thinking about Easter in December, Christmas in July and Thanksgiving in June. 

I'm not yet into "Fall Mode" but I wanted to participate in the MWT so I went to one of my stand-by, favorite images. This Turkey Chef from Elizabeth O. Dulemba,  If you are not already familiar with her work be sure to check out her site and join her weekly email list, she is a super talented illustrator. I find my desire to "color" comes and goes in waves but this image is just so much fun it's worth the effort.

On another note this is the first photo I've taken in  my new "light tent cube". I had created my own "light box" pictured here from a cardboard box.

It's easy to do and you can find detailed directions on many sites online. Basically, I just cut open 3 sides of the box and then covered the openings by taping a sheet of white tissue over them to diffuse the lighting and then I taped white cardboard to the inside to provide a bright background. The cardboard box style works well and is an virtually free option.
The new light tent cube has one major benefit to me in that my crafting & storage space is extremely limited and much like those 'pop up' laundry totes it open and closes in moments and stores in a very small space. I found mine on Ebay for about $25 (it came with a red, blue, black & white back drop that attaches quickly with the built-in velcro tabs) but an internet search will yield many results.

Happy Crafting Everyone!


Linda said...

I am not ready for fall yet either. Coloring is great as usual! TFS!!!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Great Thanksgiving card, Elizabeth's turkey is really cute! Thanks for playing in our challenge this week at Operation Write Home!

Seongsook Duncan said...

Yeah.... already Thanksgiving cards
Very nice card with so cute image. Thans for sharing.

Yolanda said...

Super cute turkey. I wonder what he is planning to eat... I've looked at those light cubes. Tell me how you like it.

Dawn said...

Do tell how you like the light box?? I have been taking all my pics outside, however if it is overcast or whatever I'm kinda stuck inside, I use a regular old lamp to craft with so, I don't have super good light. What kind of light do you use with this.

Now, onto the card..wait is it turkey day already?? Cuteness allaround!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Thanks for showing a picture of your homemade light box, Paula! I need one, because I've just been setting out two Ott Lites and a white tablecloth backdrop for the longest time. THis might be brighter, and throw fewer shadows. BTW, thanks for leaving love at my blog about my NBC interview!

Kathy V. said...

WOW Paula. Super clever. Wish I'd seen this before I bought the light tent, it would have saved me some money! Thanks for the tips.

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