Saturday, July 19, 2014

Color Blocked Simple Hello

Hello Friends! I have  another of the cards I made during the Virtual Card Making Party to share. This is one I created for the 'Colorful Background' challenge hosted by Beth at BunnyScrap. One of the options was to use scrap papers so I decided to dip into my scrap box, which is actually just a small 10" x 6" box these days. When I first starting making cards I had lot of scraps stored in large ziplock bags. They were pretty organized but no matter what I seldom seemed to make a dent in them. Somewhere along the way I started to realize that not only was I not really using them but often just the sight of those scrap bags put a damper on my mojo. I think I had the subconscious feeling that I shouldn't reach for anything new when all those scraps were just waiting to be used up. Ironically after switching to just one small box I find I use them much more readily and every now and then I'll go through it and toss everything that's smaller than 4.25 x 5.5 which leaves the box ready for some new scrap selections. Though it wasn't my main goal I am certain I throw away less now than I did before.

I think there are a few die-cuts out on the market to help you easily created a color block styled pattern but I cut these pieces by hand with the help of a ruler and a little patience to trim them down. The 'Bubble' die is a fairly new one for me that is made by WeR and is part of a line of individual dies they currently have on the marker. I'm pretty sure I found this one on an end cap displays at JoAnn's. This Hello sentiment is an old one in my collection and I not certain where it's from but I've always likes the bold, casual style it has.

I'll be back to share a couple of other cards form the VCMP in the next week or two.

Happy Crafting!


Tommi said...

Nice card! I like your approach to scraps. I go through the same feeling. I'm so glad to see your posts. I've missed them in the last 6 months. Hope all is well.

Josephine Cox said...

A post for the card/scrapper 's heart. I have to do the same thing. But, now I have new measurement.

Debbie Caldwell said...

I keep looking at the ever growing pile of scraps and tell myself I AM going to use these...but so far I only seem to keep making more. I really do have to work on that. I like this card...thanks for sharing it. I have missed your posts also.

Dixie Cochran said...

Oh, I love this patchwork look. I need to try this. I think you’re right about the build up of scraps. I did a purge yesterday, and I feel so much better.

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