Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hello Friends! I have a quick card share today of a card a made a while back. This was sent to a member of the card maker group I'm part of as a 'just because' card. It's been so much fun to exchange cards and it's sparked my mojo. I made a few fall cards this past weekend and while I've missed out on recent birthdays, I'm determined to work on a whole stack of them so I won't miss anyone in the group in 2015.

I'm also thinking it could be time to reorganize and clean out my supplies a bit. Though I am very organized (partly because I don't have a space to leave things spread out) I almost always find it gets the creativity flowing to go through things, especially when you have a lot of stuff, it's easy to forget it until you see an old favorite again. With the holidays fast approaching though, it may need to wait but a Nw Year is the perfect time for that kind of task anyway.

Happy Crafting!

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