Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So many stamps...

Hello Friends! I have a card share today that I made with an stamp that is old... 'as old as the hills' as the saying goes. It's a long retired Stampin Up design that hasn't seen the light of day in a looooong time. So long that it's like having new stamps when you discover them again. LOL  I know that at least some if not most of you can relate to this. :)

I have a lot of stamps. I haven't counted but they fill 100+ DVD cases (not CD, the bigger 7"x5" DVD cases) and there's a box (or two) beyond that. All told I'm sure it's thousands, so even when I was at my most prolific crafting phase (of making 200-300 cards a month in the early Cards for Heroes/OWH days) there were many stamps that seldom saw the light of day. 

In the early days of my stamping I had a hard time parting with any of my 'stuff'. As years have gone by though I've found myself 'cleaning house' from time to time, and have on several occasions parted with those stamps that no longer hold any appeal to me. How about you? Do you still have every stamp you ever bought? To you enjoy coming across stamps in your collection so old that they're new again?

Happy Crafting!

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Unknown said...

When I last counted, I had over 5000 stamps and I have not stopped purchasing since that count. I have sold stamps over the years when I realized my style/likes had changed. 99% of my stamps are unmounted (and I'm not a happy camper when I find stamps I like but the company refuses to sell them unmounted, even when they sell direct to customers - what a waste of time and it hurts the environment; I won't purchase from those companies). Yep, it's nice to use stamps you haven't used in ages. Great card! Glad you're crafting again. From Laura P

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