Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making Cards for Card Makers

Hello Friends! One of the crafty goals I have this year is to make and send birthday cards to every member in the Facebook card maker's group I am part of. It's not a huge number of cards but knowing that they'll go to fellow card makers can give one just a bit of a pause. Let's be honest when you send a handmade card to your non-crafty friends you're pretty much guaranteed the ohs and ahs that come from people who don't ever delve into anything artistic. (I personally believe that everyone has some artistic abilities but only some take the time to nurture them... but it's a philosophical topic best left to another time.)

This card is one I made to send Pat K. and it wraps up my birthday card list for January. I had colored the image (It's an old digital one, I think it's from Dover Publications) a while back so turning it into a card was pretty quick. The patterned paper is Stampin Up and the sentiment is by Avery Elle. It looks a bit more intensely colored on my screen then it did in person... softer colors in person.

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!



Erika said...

Beautiful flower! I love the torn edges too because it gives your focal point an unusual design. I'd be nervous making cards for cardmakers too, but you've got nothing to worry about!

Linda said...

Lovely card! I also love to tear paper...I think it stems back to my papermaking days! Well done!

Leslie Hanna said...

Super cute. I haven't torn paper for a long time.

I, too, feel the pressure when sending cards to fellow card-makers. I got over it by just making my normal cards and not trying to make something I think they'll like. People liek tat they got a card from YOU, and that's enough.

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